Becoming board member of Golf Heritage Society

October 2020

Shortly after I was appointed as a board member to the Golf Heritage Society in October 2020, I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of being on Ray Adams’s radio show with the GHS president, Bern Bernacki.

The show — GREAT AMERICAN GOLF WITH RAY ADAMS – airs on KDUS AM 1060 on Saturdays from 6 AM to 7 AM.

Radio Interview #1

Bern talked about the mission of the Golf Heritage Society, which is all about exploring the rich history of the game and being a steward of the heritage and traditions. Bern then introduced me as a new board member and the conversation continued with lots of fun twists and turns, as it would naturally be with Ray as our host

I invite you to listen in…


Radio Interview #2

Another radio interview I did with Ray Adams was on his evening show on a Monday. This time we talked about the Golf Heritage Society and me being a director of Region 9, which includes Arizona, California, and Hawaii. Several lady golfer friends, who Ray also knows, have recently become members at my invitation. So we are growing what Ray likes to call: Great Women in Golf.

Ray and I also talked about my latest book — Golfers, Scotland is Calling. He then honored me further by including the Golfers book in his Holiday Gift Guide that went out to 190,000 qualified golfers on his list. When Ray is excited about something his enthusiasm is contagious!

Please listen in…