Celebration of authorship and friendship

We had the official Terroir of Golf book launch event on Sunday, May 7th at Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was the perfect setting, with the view of Pinnacle Peak right out the window beyond the lush, green practice range.

The event was fun and festive with a special group of friends and fans of my writing. The celebration was shared by many who have been with me on my writing journey for a long time. While I was talking we had a rolling slide show of more than a dozen spectacular photographs from inside the book running on the large flat-screen TVs in the dining space we call The Roost.

It was a privilege addressing this joyous crowd who mingled and created such a celebratory atmosphere.

I started by thanking many people who were important in getting the book published. First of all was Cori Brett, who upon hearing just the title — Terroir of Golf, A Golf Book for Wine Lovers — said, “There is great synergy between golf and wine. You are onto to something Taba!” Mind you, I hadn’t written a single word yet. I also wanted to point out all the other authors in the room,— starting with Cori — there were at least half a dozen who have published books on a range of topics.

I wanted to acknowledge my partner, Kevin McGrath, with my profuse thanks since this book would never exist without him. We shared so much travel, golf and wine tasting experiences — I could not have done it without him.

Once I got down to the business of signing books, there was a steady stream of people wanting one, two, three and even four books inscribed, not merely autographed. And we all wanted a photo together to memorialize the moment.

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