Taba Dale has written over 400 short stories/essays since she began writing in 2010 during her first full summer in Ireland. Of those 400 + stories, about 200 are golf-related. Some can be found in her four books and others have been published in golf related magazines and online publishing platforms.


A Golf Book For Wine Lovers

In Taba Dale’s new book, Terroir of Golf, she explores the fascinating synergy between golf and wine.

It all begins with the ground. True for both grapes and golf. The end result is the same for both grapes and golf courses: A living work of art.

The book includes the intriguing story of The Claret Jug – golf’s most coveted trophy of the oldest major – the Open Championship.
You will also learn which professional golfers have their own wine label and what clubs throughout the world encourage golf and wine enthusiasts to indulge in their dual passions.

The recently retired Chief Historian of the World Golf Hall of Fame and former Curator of St Andrews University Library, Special Collections, Dr. Anthony Parker gave me a wonderful feedback about this chapter: “I very much enjoyed Taba’s chapter on the Claret Jug. I found it entertaining and it accurately gives the background to the Claret Jug’s origin. She cleverly tied in the relationship of the “Auld Alliance” between Scotland and France and the advent of claret’s place in Scottish golfing society. This is a welcomed new wrinkle in the history of this great game of golf.”


Golfers, Scotland Is Calling is a hugely entertaining and informative collection of ten adventures centered on playing golf in Scotland.

No matter what level of golf you play, if you love the game, these enchanting stories will immerse you in these hallowed locations revealing the people, places, and culture that make golf in Scotland so extraordinary.

Written over a three-year period by author and golf aficionado Taba Dale, these thoroughly-researched, historically accurate, and immensely enjoyable true stories take place at pure links courses and significant locales along the coast of Scotland, from Prestwick, the birthplace of the Open Championship, to the remote and magical Machrihanish on the Mull of Kintyre.

Taba Dale is the ultimate golf insider, welcomed where very few writers have ever been — the inner sanctum of many exclusive golf clubs. Her infectious wit and authenticity allow you to vicariously visit these historic sites, providing an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at some of the most elite golf courses in the world—including the Old Lady herself, St. Andrews.

For those who have been at least once, this book will most assuredly bring back fond memories and probably make you feel like it’s time to go again!

David McLay Kidd, Principal, DMK Golf Design generously lent this quote: “Born and raised in Scotland I love both the country and the game it birthed, Golf. Taba has done a wonderful job bringing the rich culture, history and vibrancy of my homeland to life in her writing.”


Life and Golf on the Emerald Isle

A Summer in Ireland, Life and Golf on the Emerald Isle, is in print and available as an eBook.

In Taba Dale’s first book, A Summer in Ireland,  we enjoy her enchanting short stories that immerse us in this beautiful island nation.

From her golf experiences at Lahinch and other great golf courses, to her encounters with all sorts of colorful people, and even her next door neighbors—the cows—you’ll gain a new appreciation of of what makes Ireland so extraordinary.

As one of her readers once said, “I love this book. It’s like a box of chocolates! I couldn’t wait to turn the page to read the next story!”
Another fan wrote, “I started reading it and I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down until I was finished in the wee hours of the morning!”
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